Loggo is a step counters that also shows you where you take your steps. Loggo discovers walking and running and works automatically. No need to start or stop the measurement. Just log and go...

Step counting is only available for iPhone: 5s, 6, 6 plus!

- Automatically detects and distinguish running and walking.
- All positions are stored only on your own device. No server is involved! No one else can see your historical positions as long as you handle your device with care.
- Step count statistics per week
- Step count statistics per place - see how many steps you have taken at work
- Journey weekly statistic
- Assign name for your most common places
- Route plotting on map for journeys, walk and running.
- Assign type of travel for journeys
- See all places where you have been, either in map or in a list

Loggo is available for iOS.
Loggo will be available for Android platform in autumn 2015.